Vaser Shape

Even with proper diet and exercise, we sometimes cannot seem to get rid of certain problem areas of fat and cellulite. If you are looking to eliminate that last unsightly body fat, then Vaser Shape may be the treatment for you. Vaser Shape is a non-invasive treatment that employs ultrasound and massage therapy in order to smooth, firm and shape the body. Vaser Shape directly affects the problem areas where diet and exercise alone is not working. It is successfully used on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, back, arms, love handles and hips. Vaser Shape selectively reduces stubborn fat deposits and gives the area an even, natural appearance.

How Vaser Shape Works

Vaser Shape uses ultrasound to target the fat pockets directly underneath the skin. The ultrasound waves produce micro-bubbles that disrupt the fat cells. It only attacks the unwanted fat deposit, leaving the adjacent structures such as skin and blood vessels intact and unharmed. Vaser Shape’s ultrasound waves break the membranes containing the fat and the content of the fat cells is then transported to the liver. At that point, the fat cells are entered into the normal metabolic process and eliminated naturally from the body.

The device is run along the skin in the targeted treatment area. The ultrasound energy gently warms the fat tissue at a selected level beneath the skin. There is no discomfort at all during this process. Once the ultrasound is finished, the second phase of the treatment involves a vacuum-assisted lymphatic massage at the site. This is performed to enhance the ability of the lymph nodes to drain the fats and toxins from the area. It also helps by increasing the flow of blood, which can promote healing and recovery. This treatment is particularly effective in temporarily treating the unsightly look of cellulite. After treatment with Vaser Shape, the skin has a smoother and younger look to it.

This treatment differs from traditional liposuction in that it targets fat cells found near the surface level. Vaser Shape is noninvasive, meaning it does not require surgery or incisions of any kind, and the treatment has no unpleasant side effects either during or after the procedure. The fat reduction is measurably visible, sometimes immediately after a treatment. The first session will take about an hour, but this may vary by body type and other factors. The number of treatments that a patient will need depends on the patient’s desired goals, but patients will typically see the best results after three to five sessions. Some patients will reach the outcome they are seeking after just one treatment, while others may want even more body shaping, which will result in a greater number of treatments.

Recovery from Vaser Shape Treatment

After treatment is complete, there is no special care required and no downtime necessary. Patients typically do not experience any pain or discomfort after treatment, and they can immediately return to their daily routine. It is recommended that the patient maintain adequate hydration both before and after the treatment. The reduction in fat should be long-lasting if the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle without any significant weight gain.

To ensure that you are a suitable candidate, you should consult a certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Vaser Shape treatments. It is important for potential candidates to maintain reasonable expectations of the results that Vaser Shape treatment can produce. This treatment is not a substitute for regular exercise and healthy eating.

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